If you use the High Frequency Induction (ERW / HFI) Welding Process to manufacture steel API pipe, automotive tube, structural tube or mechanical tube, defective ERW / HFI seam weld costs you

Stop Making Defective HFI-ERW Weld and Gain a Competitive Advantage!

Monitor and control weak weld, ERW / HFI penetrators, cold weld, cast weld, brittle weld, lack of fusion, paste weld, black spots, white holes, puckers, poppers, and leakers, before your internal testing or your customers reject your product.

Virtual Macro® ERW Weld Monitoring and Control System, identifies defective HFI-ERW weld conditions, during welding, so you can take immediate corrective action, saving you the costs of producing defective product.


Improve Product Quality, Reduce Scrap, Reduce Setup Times, and Reduce Downtime.

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